DeLaval Rotaries

The rotary parlour’s operators are positioned in one location for the task being performed. The operators will only leave their stations to attend to a cow or machine with a problem. The rotary parlour’s continuous cow flow makes it possible for the milker to work without any interruptions because the operator does not assist the cow flow and can totally concentrate on the essential milking tasks. Rotary parlours provide very good working conditions for the operator. They offer a safe and consistent working environment. Platform entry, pre-milking work routine, milking unit attachment and cow exit from the rotary parlour are always constant.

  • Benefits of rotary milking
  • •Cows have a very short walking distance in to the milking stall.
  • •Cows are brought to the operator. The operator does not waste time walking from cow to cow.
  • •The platform operating continuously at a constant speed controls the pace of the operators.
  • •The platform speed is adjusted to the group’s milking ability.
  • •Each cow is provided with equal time for milk-out.
  • •Group size is not important. There is no problem with extra cows or short loads.
  • •Each cow has her own stall. This stall looks the same at every milking. The cow is not affected by movements and disturbances caused by a cow in an adjacent stall.
  • •New cows learn what to do very easily. They simply follow the previous cow on to the platform.
  • •Rotary parlours fit very well in to a dairy layout. Cow traffic management is very easy with single entry and exit lanes. The single

DeLaval Rotary E100

Everything we have learned over the last 130 years designing, building and installing dairy systems throughout the world applied to the unique challenges of the dairy farmer to create the ultimate rotary.

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DeLaval Rotary E300™

The design of the DeLaval Rotary E300 is based on the fast flow principle – this means it is designed to help you milk fast, effectively, safely and calmly – with a smooth flow of cows. It all adds to a better place to be for you, your workers and your cows.

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