DeLaval parallel parlour p2100

Ideal milking parlour for family farms and operations with expanding herds

  • Faster cow-flow
  • Better workflow
  • Robust and reliable

Key Features

Faster Cow-flow

Wide entrance lane with sliding entrance gate – quick entry and easy turning encourages fast loading of cows. Unique, open bottom neck-rail – designed with understanding of how cows move for faster entrance and exit. All-Index™ – optimum positioning of cows for better udder prep, operator comfort and safety.

  • Wide entrance lane
  • Unique, open bottom neck-rail
  • All-Index™

Better Workflow

Suspended butt-pan – gives unobstructed view of the udder resulting in better working environment and operator comfort. The vertical design of the butt-pan provides a wider gutter and easier cleaning. Comfort start – no buttons to push: just lift the cluster and start milking (option). Air-powered indexing – gently but firmly positions each cow back against the butt-pan.

  • Suspended butt-pan
  • Comfort start
  • Air-powered indexing

Robust and Reliable

Robust structure – provides a safe working environment, low maintenance and long parlour lifetime. Stainless steel butt-pan, optional stainless steel cabinets and kick curb – easy to clean and durable. Air control box with built-in filter: provides pneumatics with clean air for longer life of air components.

  • Robust structure
  • Stainless steel butt-pan
  • Air control box with built-in filter

The flexibility to match your herd, farm and budget

DeLaval P2100 is ideal for family farms and operations with expanding herds. DeLaval P2100, with its swing-up exit, gives you the flexibility to tailor a parlour that matches your needs: for your herd, your barn and the way you work. Even the neck-rails can be adjusted to accommodate different cow types and sizes.