Cooling Tanks

DeLval Silo Tank DX3S

Smarter storage for farms with robotic milking As tanks get bigger, there’s a need to protect the quality of the first litres of milk that enter the empty tank. The evaporators in DeLaval DX3S feature a unique lateral configuration that ensures milk quickly covers an entire evaporator plate for efficient heat transfer. More

Gentle mixing
Low costs for agitation
Excellent whenever you want
Service whenever you want
Over-flow protection

DeLaval Cooling Tank DXCE

Superior milk cooling tanks that provide rapid cooling and gentle agitation to retain milk quality – in a wide range of sizes.

DeLaval Cooling Tank DXCEM

The DeLaval DXCEM range is specifically designed to serve large dairy farms’ cooling demands with tanks ranging from 12 000 to 32 000 liters. With different dimensions and shapes you can choose the best capacity for your farm and the right tank size for your existing milk room.

Plate Coolers

DeLaval Plate Cooler BM

Cost-effective solution for pre-cooling and instant cooling of milk.

DeLaval Plate Cooler BMSS

The stainless steel DeLaval plate cooler BMSS is a long lasting, non-rusting and easy-to-clean pre-cooling solution.

DeLaval plate cooler M6

The M-Series plate heat exchangers, including MP3, M6 and M10, offer an easy, cost-effective way to reduce milk cooling time, lower energy expenses and improve milk quality no matter what the size of your operation.

Lower energy costs
Improve milk quality
Reliable construction

DeLaval compact chiller CWC15, CWC30T, CWC60, CWC90, CWC120

High-volume milking demands high-capacity cooling. DeLaval compact chillers have been designed to meet these demands. They provide powerful cooling and precise temperature control to lock in milk quality before it goes into the storage tank.

Faster cooling
Reduce energy consumption
Robust and reliable operation

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