DeLaval Herringbone HDHB

Customized to fit your cows, your future

  • Easy maintenance
  • Improved throughput
  • Quick installation

Key Features

Better cow fit and positioning for acces, visibility and safety

The very functional design flow in the DeLaval herringbone HDHB creates a comfortable working environment for both operator and cows. It enables speedy cleaning with vital working parts safely concealed underneath cabinets – saving time, labor and costs. The wide entrance lane helps cows feel comfortable right from the start. We eliminated any structural parts not essential to help keep your cows in position. This has simplified the parlor, and with the brisket rails rising up for cows to exit, creates a wide-open platform for better cow flow. The open platform also makes the parlor much easier to clean.

  • Wide entrance lane
  • Wide open cow platform

Robust and reliable construction

The robust structure provides a safe working environment with minimal effort for maintenance work. The hard-wearing cylinders, the abandonment wear points, where steel meets steel and a strong, rectangular construction frame, give your milking parlor an enormous longevity and is designed for up to 24 hours per day of milking time. DeLaval HDHB is designed for quick installation. Bolted construction means that components are easy to ship, easy to handle on site, and fast and easy to install. This all reduces installation time and costs. Only a few parts require welding. This sensible design also allows for later expansion or adding more components.

  • Stainless steel or galvanized options
  • Heavy duty bolt together design

Improved throughput

Installing the robust automated take-off arm is like giving your operators an additional strong right arm at every milking point. With a quicker and easier attachment routine, it eliminates 20% of the work while creating a less stressful environment for both workers and cows. DeLaval HDHB can be equipped with air controlled two-direction indexing systems. This reliable system positions cows well. Indexing pushes cows gently towards the rump rail and the milker pit, close to the milker. This gives safe, clean, easy udder access, for worker comfort and fast throughput. Both the swing up and the vertical lift All-Exit provide very open exits to speed up cow flow from the parlor.

  • Automated arm take-off option
  • Air controlled parlor
  • Robust fast All-Exit

Minimize downtime

With the DeLaval HDHB, you choose the level of automation you need: from DelPro™ Farm Manager connected milking point controllers, or MPC150 with milk yield indicators, or basic sensors. The stainless steel cabinets protect the integrated components in a clean environment. The stainless steel curb cabinets house milk meters and CIP units, providing an unobstructed work area for milking. They also protect equipment housed below the cows. The deck flush nozzles spray jets of water to clean the cow platform to minimize any downtime between milkings.

  • Various levels of automation
  • Streamlined upper and curb cabinets
  • Deck flush nozzle