DeLaval MidiLine ML3100

You can get more done with DeLaval MidiLine™ ML3100 because it offers you a higher level of automated farm management. With a range of optional management tools, you can increase productivity and the performance of your herd, while maintaining cow comfort.

  • Reduce labour costs
  • Easy maintenance
  • Increase producitivty

Key Features

Increase throughput

With clusters positioned in the middle of the pit, they serve both sides of the parlor. Compared to systems with one milking unit per stall, this is a more cluster-efficient investment. The sleek and ultramodern swing-over arm provides automatic take-off and Comfort-Start. Linked to advanced milk flow management, DeLaval ML3100 is a highly efficient, easy-to-use milking parlor.

  • Efficient swing-over arm
  • Comfort-Start
  • Automatic take-off

Easy to maintain

The design of the swing-over arm ensures fast and easy maintenance. With plug-and-play replacement of wearing parts, you can finish routine maintenance tasks in a matter of minutes. DeLaval ML3100 is also easy to keep clean thanks to its sleek housing. Since the milking points of a DeLaval MidiLine™ system serve both sides of the parlor, service costs are often lower. Shorter operating times, fewer milking points and reduced cleaning requirements all point to decreased maintenance costs.

Grows with you

With DeLaval ML3100, you decide on the level of management automation that suits you. As your herd grows, you can increase the level step by step: from automated cluster removal, to full integration with DeLaval DelPro™ Farm Manager. DeLaval ID system automates cow identification and helps collect data. Adding sort gates identify and sort cows based on herd management decisions. Automated feeding reduces labor and optimized feed utilization.

  • Add value with automation