Calf Feeders

Profitable milk production is dependent upon healthy, high yielding animals. As today’s calves are tomorrow’s high performance cows, the way you rear them can make all the difference. Calves that are healthy and fast-growing will reward you by becoming high yielding cows that are productive for many years.

DeLaval calf feeder CF1000S

Automatic calf feeders are an efficient and effective method to achieve intensive calf feeding. Automatic calf feeders, such as the DeLaval CF1000S, offer the ability to manage and track the feeding program of each animal. Significant labor savings are also a key factor with the CF1000S

DeLaval Lamb & Kid Feeder LKF1200

With a feeder, you can save hours a day freeing you from the time-consuming task of hand-feeding. It also allows the animals to eat whenever they want. This reduces the risk of gorge feeding and bloating, resulting in better milk absorbtion and higher daily gains. This new model offers higher capacity, accurately preparing small amounts of milk that stay warm thanks to a heatable mixer. The feeder can rear up to 200 animals, depending on the number of teats used.

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