DeLaval Herringbone parlour HB30

Excellent cow positioning, operator comfort, and durability

  • Good cow flow
  • Strong and durable design
  • Prioritized operator comfort

Key Benefits

Strong and Durable

DeLaval HB30 rumprail and frame components are made from 50 mm (2″) steel tubing. The suspended beam frame adds further strength and longevity. This 2 ½” x5″ rectangle beam frame gives added rigidity for even the largest parlors. The slanted galvanized butt pans are standard and stainless steel is an option. This design, combined with hot dip galvanization of every welded component, provides strength and a long operating life.

  • Slanted galvanized or stainless steel butt pans
  • Hot dip galvanized welded component

Operator comfort and Safety

Operator safety is prioritized in DeLaval HB30. With no posts between the butt pan and curbing, there’s no risk of the milker’s arm being kicked against a post. The top rump rail is offset closer to the operator pit than the lower rump rail and follows the contour of the cow’s back legs in their natural standing position. This enables the cow to stand comfortably and close to the operator making it safer for the milker. With the optional air indexing that moves the cow closer to the kick rail and butt pan, the udder is easy to reach. This speeds up cluster attachment while helping reduce the risk of back strain.

  • Angled rumprail
  • Air indexing

Improve Cow-flow

The entrance gate opens fully to allow cows to enter easily and walk quickly along the wide platform. The cow blocker works very well to keep the cow waiting in the correct position, this feature protects the last cow from any interference with optional electronic Cow ID. The entrance and exit gates are both swing type with the option to operate the exit gate manually or add a vacuum powered cylinder.

  • Wide platform
  • Swing type entrance and exit gates