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Dairy Care is family owned and managed by the Usher family. The company was established as a DeLaval Dealership in the Year 2000 and is situated in Balfour, Mpumalanga. However Colin Usher, the dealer principal has been involved in the dairy equipment industry since 1981, Anne Usher is in charge of all office activities. The DeLaval Dealership, Melkor in Standerton, Mpumalanga was purchased by Dairy Care in 2009 in order to increase our market penetration.


No matter what size the project, we have you covered with more than 40 years of combined experience in the dairy industry

Meet the team behind our excellence

Meet our team

DeLaval Parlours

DeLaval offers a range of parallel and herringbone parlors that are adapted to your dairy’s needs. Explore our newest innovations and technologies transforming the way you milk, making your dairy farm more efficient and more productive.

Explore DeLaval Parlours

DeLaval Rotaries

Rotary parlour milking is a proven concept. Rotary parlours are labour efficient milking parlours for dairies requiring a high cow throughput per hour. Cows are very calm and the milking routine is the same for every cow, every day. Explore our new E100 and E300 Rotaries

Explore DeLaval Rotaries

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DeLaval DelPro™ Farm Management Platform

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Explore DelPro™

DelPro™ Activity Meter System

  • Find cows and heifers in heat
  • Reduce reproduction costs
  • Identify cows in early stage of ill health
  • Solar powered, wireless antennas to suit grazing and large farms

Better decisions for a better milk yield

  • Detailed animal, group and herd production performances
  • Live milking information at hand
  • Plan for the future

Better decisions for better feed efficiency

  • Implement concentrate feeding strategies from calving to calving
  • Monitor animals consumption
  • Improve your feed performance KPIs
  • Feed controlled

Decisions for better reproduction results

  • Complete reproduction overview of your herd
  • Find your cows in heat effectively
  • Improved performance with KPI management

Better decisions for better animal health

  • Complete records of animal health events
  • Combined health data – indexed
  • Be ready for health checks
  • Structure your decisions and actions best way possible


DeLaval body condition scoring camera

  • Improve cow health
  • Accurate feeding
  • Increase milk production
  • Improve breeding and calving
  • Reduce labor costs

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