Champion™ parallel parlour

High throughput parlour for milking with maximum cow comfort. Suitable for medium to large herds.

  • Faster cow-flow
  • Optimal cow comfort allows greater herd productivity
  • Robust and reliable

Key Features

Faster cow-flow

DeLaval Champion™ parallel parlour has vertical-lift exit meaning faster exiting. It can be installed in barns with narrow exit alleys. When the cows pass under the neck rail, the stalls may be lowered and reloading can begin immediately. Sequencing gates are mounted to the stalls. When the stalls go up, the sequencing gates go up with them and the cows have a totally open platform for exiting. The unique open bottom neck-rail promotes fast, natural cow loading and proper cow contact.

  • Vertical lift front end
  • Unique open bottom neck-rail

Cow Comfort

Optional air-powered ALL-INDEX neck-rail indexes all the cows at the same time. This system encourages all cows back against the elevated gutter, positioning each udder close to the operator to make the milking routine easier. Proper indexing is the key to safe, comfortable, clean and efficient milking.

  • Optimal cow positioning

Better workflow

Suspended butt-pan gives unobstructed view of the udder resulting in better working environment and operator comfort. The vertical design of the butt-pan provides a wider gutter and easier cleaning. Comfort-Start initiates take-off without reaching up to control panel, saving operator time and energy. Deck flush automatically cleans platform reducing risk of contamination (option).

  • Suspended butt-pan
  • Comfort-Start
  • Deck flush

High throughput for milking with maximum cow comfort

DeLaval Champion™ is a heavy-duty parlour designed for use on medium to large farms. With the sequencing gates mounted on the neck rails, the cow platform is left completely open for extra high throughput. Neck-rail mounted gates also mean that posts do not have to be cemented in the cow platform, which allows for same-day installation in existing parlours.