DeLaval Rotary E100

Everything we have learned over the last 130 years designing, building and installing dairy systems throughout the world applied to the unique challenges of the dairy farmer to create the ultimate rotary.

  • High performance equipment
  • Integrated systems and all-inclusive service
  • High quality milking cluster

Key Features

High performance equipment

With our new DeLaval FastLane™ bridge, cows move quickly, calmly and efficiently through every DeLaval Rotary E100 system. You can customise your DeLaval Rotary E100 to suit your herd and the way you milk. The DeLaval ComfortBail™ is unique to the DeLaval Rotary E100. This bail hides the wires, pipes and technology and integrates them into the bail. This ensures clearer lines of visibility for worker and cow; easier, safer access for the milker and a more consistent approach to the task of getting cows on, milked and off the rotary platform calmly and quickly.

  • DeLaval FastLane™ bridge
  • DeLaval ComfortBail™

Improved operational systems

The DeLaval Cockpit™ gives you the ability to run the entire shed all within one arm’s length of where you stand at “cups-on”. Visibility and control for the operator creates a safer environment; a larger, higher definition touchscreen control panel and the look-through bail that makes it easier to keep your eyes on everything and act quickly and effectively. More control means fewer disruptions to cow flow and improved access to relevant data.

  • DeLaval CockPit™
  • DeLaval DelPro™ Integration

High quality milking cluster

With the DeLaval MC53 Cluster you have proven, tested design combined with new materials to make it tougher and lighter. The DeLaval MC53 Cluster provides stable vacuum under high volume milk flows and eliminates the risk of flooding and cross contamination. The DeLaval MC53 Cluster with stainless steel teat cups is a robust milking cluster that has nipple-less liners. Extraction mimics a calf suckling in an efficient and gentle manner with no adverse effects on the overall udder health.

  • DeLaval MC53 Cluster
  • Eliminates the risk of flooding and cross contamination